Xinya Electronics Co., Ltd., a core enterprise of Xinya Electronics Group, a large township enterprise of the Ministry of Agriculture Department, is located in Wenzhou Daqiao Industrial Zone, Baixiang Town, Yueqing, Zhejiang, adjacent to Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzou Expressway and Wenzhou airport. It has a team of well-trained workforce with division of labor based on specialization.
   The group is a large-scale state enterprise, has been rated as  “Top 10 Yandang Enterprises”, “Top 100 Taxpayer Enterprises”, “Wenzhou Top 100 Enterprises”, and also the only one enterprise “capable of printing ....



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Copyright@ Xinya Electronics Co., Ltd.  Add:Wenzhou Daqiao Industrial Zone, Baixiang Town, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province Post:325603 TEL:0577-62866888 FAX:0577-62865999    Product Center

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